Manage blood sugar for better health and anti-aging effects

Metformin: The Anti-Aging, Health-promoting Miracle Drug

For many people with diabetes, metformin is a lifesaver. Today, this popular medicine that helps control blood sugar levels is ...
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Time-restricted eating improves health

Intermittent Fasting: Improve Your Health and Slow the Aging Process

Fasting has been practiced for centuries to heal a sick body, promote longevity, and rest, balance, and conserve energy at ...
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Boron: The Little-known Miracle Mineral

Minerals, like boron, are essential; without them our cells would not develop or function properly, or produce the hormones and ...
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Botox for a More Youthful Appearance

Ahhhh… What would it be like to look the 20-years younger that you actually feel? Well, thanks to Botox this ...
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Importance of High-Quality Supplements

Not all supplements are created with quality in mind. There are four critical factors to consider when selecting supplements. All ...
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