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Another way to save the TaTas?

 Testosterone activates estrogen beta receptors resulting in a protective effect reducing breast cancer risk. 

Does your work out at the gym not pack the some punch? 

Testosterone maintains lean body mass, strength and stamina, increasing muscle bulk and tone.  

Get your mojo up and running!

Testosterone increases focus, speed, longing to mate and having a good time. 

Adequate levels of Testosteronehelp protect brain function, decrease insulin resistance, help build bone density and muscle mass, provide protection for the cardiovascular system, help prevent breast cancer and improve our overall sense of well being. 


It's a Fact 

Women make 0.3 mg of testosterone daily which is about ten times more than estrogen. Women's testosterone levels peak at around age 21 and decrease nearly 50% by the time we reach our 40's.