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Untouched Client Photo  

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Untouched Client Photo  

    "I've been using Latisse for several years and LOVE it!!! My lashes are so long and thick that it looks like I have false eyelashes. It also saved my lashes from falling out during my battle with thyroid cancer. What a blessing!" 



​​​      "I am so glad I tried Latisse!! I love how thick my lashes are now. I tried every mascara on the market... nothing would work the way I want. Now after 2 months, some days I don't even wear mascara!...It's a great product that I hope to continue to use." 


Latisse is an amazing Allergan product. It works so well! Lashes become darker and thicker over time. For best results, apply every night and follow the instructions given. If you ever decide to stop your lashes will return to their normal length.